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A prop knife featured in Star Trek X: Nemesis for use by Tom Hardy in his portrayal of “Shinzon” during a scene taking place on board the “Scimitar” during which he cuts his own hand to allow for the “Enterprise-E” crew to take a sample of his blood back to their ship for testing. The item is metal with a metal wire wrapped grip painted with a multi-color petroleum sheen on the ‘blade' which is beveled to appear sharp. This item is unique in that it features an additional element, a metal tube affixed to the backside of one blade which is attached to a rubber tube at the grip. The point is for special effects ‘blood’ to squirt from the blade as the ‘cutting’ action takes place on screen. In fact, evidence of special effects ‘blood’ still exists on the ‘blade’. The item measures approx. 9.5 X 1.5 X 2 inches.