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EBAY#: 140155887256 START: 2007-09-07 16:47:00 (week 39)
END: 2007-09-14 16:47:00
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A lot of two metal sculptures used as set dressings in various episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The first item has a metal base, four metal strips attached to it with places for it to be bolted down, an abstract design of various metal sheets hammered into different sizes of circular shapes welded on to a central metal pole with an upright ring at the top and all painted a bronze color. The second item is similar to the first in color but has a taller base, and has long, curved pieces of metal instead of so many circular shapes and a piece on the top that summons imagery of a weathervane. The first item measures approx. 13 X 13 X 88 inches and the second is 16 X 16 X 87 inches approximately.

Notes from someone


This one is ancient and appeared way before DS9 in many, many TNG episodes. Bernd called it the "head statue" in the article at Ex-Astris. It was seen on Aldea, Gravesworld, the Mari homeworld and even in Data's quarters.


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