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EBAY#: 140158156598 START: 2007-09-14 14:08:00 (week 40)
END: 2007-09-21 14:08:00
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Positive feedback Excellent costume, great packaging, fast service, thanks very much!
A costume made for wear in the ninth Star Trek feature film “Insurrection”; wherein “Captain Picard” and the crew of the “Enterprise-E” rebel against Starfleet and the Federation to prevent the exploitation of a defenseless race called the Ba'ku. This costume was made for wear by Gates McFadden in the role of the Chief Medical Officer of the Starship “Enterprise-E”, “Dr. Beverly Crusher”, and consists of a long-sleeved, deep blue-colored blouse that sits wide on the shoulders, rust-colored trousers with stirrups for the feet, and a back up, never worn, jacket in a different fabric; a long-sleeved jacket matching the blouse in color, tan, faux-suede accents around the collar and cuffs, loops at the waist for tools, and a zip down halfway down the front. The costume aspects were found separately but all in the “Dr. Crusher” section and has a sewn in tag that reads ‘Star Trek: TNG, Miss G. McFadden’.