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END: 2007-09-21 14:04:00
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A costume made for wear in the ninth Star Trek feature film, “Insurrection”; wherein the crew of the “Enterprise-E” rebels against Starfleet and the Federation to prevent the exploitation of a defenseless race called the Baku. This costume was made for wear by Michael Dorm in the role of the only Klingon Starfleet Officer, “Commander Worf”; it consists of a long-sleeved, tan tunic featuring a slightly raised diamond pattern, dark gray, overall-style trousers with stirrups for the feet, a harness/vest in an “X” shape of an olive green fabric featuring a textured, crumpled feel, a slightly darker green trim made to look like it was sewn on, and brown, suede hiking boots with dirt and rocks left in the tread from production. All items were found in the “Worf” section and a include a costumer's tag that reads ‘Worf, change 4, scene 135-277, civilian clothes, Star Trek IX’.