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EBAY#: 140158156661 START: 2007-09-14 14:24:00 (week 40)
END: 2007-09-21 14:24:00
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“Klaang” (Tiny Lister) was the first Klingon ever encountered by Humans and featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise pilot episode, “Broken Bow”. This costume was made for wear by Klaang in that episode but it was later modified to it's current appearance for wear by “General K’Vagh” (James Avery) in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode, “Divergence”. The costume includes a multicolored lizard skin print leather top with faux fur shoulders and chain-mail sleeves. Gold colored metal bands are around the cuffs and forearms. The sewn in tags read, “Enterprise – Tiny Lister” and “Enterprise – Tiny Lister, Troy Brenna #80, James Avery #91”. The harness is made of leather and suede with gold colored metal accents. The trousers are brown with pleats down the front and back of each leg. The sewn in tag on the trousers does not list Tiny Lister but it lists James Avery and three other background actors. Also included are Klaang’s / K’Vagh’s boots that are made of brown leather with leather accents and faux spikes. The tags in each boot read, “Tiny Lister” and “James Avery”. Costume comes complete with costume tag that reads, ““Enterprise, Klingon – Tiny Lister” and “Enterprise – Tiny Lister, Troy Brenna #80, James Avery #91”.