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EBAY#: 140160576471 START: 2007-09-21 16:38:00 (week 41)
END: 2007-09-28 16:38:00
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A set of two prop weapons featured in the ‘Argo' scene of Star Trek X: Nemesis during with “Captain Picard” (Patrick Stewart), “Data” (Brent Spiner), and “Worf” (Michael Dorn) comprised an away team to the planet ‘Kolarus III’. Investigating the possibility of another android like “Data” being present on the planet the away team was accosted by Kolaran natives, a reptilian alien whose limited technology led them to drive surface vehicles like all terrain jeeps and buggies with top mounted weapons. The first item is from one of those vehicles; a turret mounted prop gun made from multiple components of cast resin, metal, plastic, wood, mesh wiring, rope, and colored cloth. The item is painted to appear aged and dirt from the shooting location is still crammed within its crevices. The tip of the barrel is slightly bent. The second item is the high-powered phaser cannon mounted on the back of the Argo buggy itself; a metal cast prop canon featuring rubberized, folding handles, the ability to rotate around a central axis and move forward and back along a slide;, dark-gray and black accents, a Starfleet serial number that reads “Tertiary Subsystem”, and a graphical application of a “Phase Targeting” readout featuring numerous faux buttons and scanner readout of the terrain. The first item measures approx. 40 X 12 X 6 inches and the second 39 X 30 X 12 inches.