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END: 2007-09-28 17:12:00
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Positive feedback Expensive shipping but very well packed! Nice piece of STAR TREK history!
The Vulcans are a humanoid race from the plant Vulcan who are known for their great sense of logic and stoic nature. They were one of the instrumental species responsible for establishing the United Federation of Planets and were featured throughout the Star Trek anthology. This feature film style Vulcan costume includes a tan shirt withlayered sleeves and a brown upper chest and collar. Worn over the top is a gray sash with a band with woven symbols and a sewn on triangular resin decoration. The decoration is mauve with gold trim and a gold Vulcan symbol painted on it. The drawstring trousers are also tan. Accompanying the costume is a rust color skull cap with holes for the ears to protrude through, a circular resin decoration on the front, a pointed fin running from the front of the cap to the back and a chin tie.