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EBAY#: 140160576475 START: 2007-09-21 16:40:00 (week 41)
END: 2007-09-28 16:40:00
BIDS: 11PRICE: $384.00assumedsuccess
This Star Trek: The Next Generation costume lot includes a male Prytt costume, a female Bre'el IV Scientist costume, a female Mok’Bara costume and a male Zalconian costume. The Prytt are members of the Kesprytt species who share their planet with the Kes. The untrusting Prytt were featured in the Star Trek: the Next Generation episode “Attached”. The male costume includes a blue jumpsuit with dark brown trim including an ‘X’ formation across the chest. The sleeves are removed but are included. Worn around the neck is a brown dikie. A balaclava head piece in matching blue with brown trim and a zip up the front completes the look. Costume comes complete with costume tag. The second costume was worn by a female Bre’el IV scientist (Betty Muramoto) during the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Deja Q” in which the U.S.S. Enterprise-D tried to assist Bre’el IV however the scientist informed the crew that their efforts to restore the Bre’el moon had failed. The khaki green jacket has pleated sleeves, brown crushed leather shoulders and trim and two pockets in the front. There is a non-functional hood, a padded neck roll and a zip up the front. The matching trousers are also green with leather trim around the pockets. A second pair is also included and a green hooded dickie made of covered neoprene. The costume tag indicates that the costume is a “Calamarian Scientist” however this is a misprint since the Calamarians, although featured in the episode, are non-corporeal and therefore not likely to have worn this costume! The third costume is a female Mok’bara outfit most likely made for wear in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “Birthright, Part II”. It includes an off-white top, corresponding trousers and a waist tie. Costume comes complete with costume tag. The forth costume is a male Zalkonian. The Zalkonians are an advanced humanoid species native to the planet Zalkon and featured in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Transfigurations” in which many were beginning to evolve themselves into powerful non-corporeal life forms. The gray jumpsuit has long woven gray sleeves and a zip up the back. An ‘armor’ top made of black vinyl with a silver hieroglyphic pattern and a gray woolen center section. The ‘armor’ zips up the back.