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A lot of costume aspects featured variously throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation episodic television. This lot is for wear by Patrick Stewart in the role of the captain of the “Enterprise-D and E”, “Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and consists of two long-sleeved, sage-colored sweaters with a textured, braided pattern, from the episodes “Pen Pals”; a short-sleeved, black undershirt featuring chest padding and moderate to severe fading along the shoulders due to time and storage. An unfinished Starfleet uniform jacket with no commbadge Velcro patch, threading still in the cuffs, the black trousers that would have gone with the jacket, a long-sleeved, mint-colored shirt with several vertical, pleated folds, a long-sleeved, gray-blue trousers of a slightly darker shade than what is used as an undershirt in the type-B Starfleet uniforms; a dark green shirt with black stripes, an open front in the jockey style, and clasps and buttons at the bottom. Included is a pair of black hiking boots with dirt and rocks left in the soles from production and black, leather, ankle boots with socks wedged inside them. A sewn in tag reads merely “Patrick” and several costumer's tags identify particular articles as either just for wear by Patrick Stewart or from particular episodes.