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A lot of items featured variously throughout Star Trek: Voyager episodic television. This lot is for wear by Ethan Phillips in the role of “Neelix” and consists of a long-sleeved, rust-colored, chenille shirt featuring textured stripes down the front and back, a pleated flap across the front that covers the buttons, several layered, false cuffs, a long-sleeved, raised, paisley-print shirt in a further rust motif with buttons down the front. Multi-colored vertically striped trousers with a fish scale design, a short-sleeved, beige jacket featuring an abstract pattern of shapes in different sizes and colors as was a running motif with garments for the character; flaps that connect across the stomach, a Velcro patch for a commbadge (not included), and is distressed for effect. Also included is a red harness featuring gold-colored accents with metal-colored rivets, a yellow painted tricorder and phaser holster that clip to a belt, and dark-pink leather boots. Several sewn in tags read ‘Voyager, Ethan Phillips' whereas the trousers denote reuse by a “George Colucci”, a known Trek stunt man.