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EBAY#: 140160576467 START: 2007-09-21 16:36:00 (week 41)
END: 2007-09-28 16:36:00
BIDS: 14PRICE: $610.00confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Great costume, careful packaging -- thanks!
A Vulcan costume with robe featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes “The Forge”, “Awakening”, and “Kir'Shara”. The costume is a set of black pin striped trousers with a matching long sleeved jacket top with an asymmetrical double breasted front that zips on one side and snaps on the other. The shoulders are accented with red fabric. The robe is a large, heavy duty green and red texture patterned fabric on the exterior with an iridescent green interior and trim. The robe features a trio of molded metal pin backed Vulcan iconographic badges colored gold on the right lapel. The badges are made in the style seen traditionally on Vulcan robes. The costume features sewn on Enterprise tags reading ‘Robert Foxworth’ and the costumer’s tags read ‘Enterprise Vulcan’ and ‘Enterprise #083, 084, 085, V’Las, Robert Foxworth’ and indicate the components of the suit’.

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