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EBAY#: 140163012110 START: 2007-09-28 16:18:00 (week 42)
END: 2007-10-05 16:18:00
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An impressive backlit Xindi-Insectoid console dome featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode, “Hatchery”. The dome is made of smoked acrylic with black strips applied to create a honeycomb appearance. Underneath the dome is a shaped purple acetate sheet that creates the vibrant color through the dome. The dome and sheet rest over a custom made light bank that consists of ten lights attached to a circular particleboard base. It is powered by a standard U.S.A 120Volts Type-A two pronged plug. Due to time and use, some of the light bulbs don't work but it does not diminish from the overall effect. The light base is smaller than the dome and the three components; base, sheet and dome do not attach together. Measures approx. 11 x 29 inches diameter.