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EBAY#: 140163070705 START: 2007-09-28 17:49:00 (week 42)
END: 2007-10-05 17:49:00
BIDS: 11PRICE: $1056.00assumedsuccess
“Dr. Soong” (Brent Spiner) was a cyberneticist who created the Soong-type androids including “Data” (Brent Spiner) and “Lore” (Brent Spiner). He was featured in multiple Star Trek: Enterprise episodes including “Borderland” and “Cold Station 12”. According to the Star Trek continuity guides, this piece was used as set dressing in Dr.Soong's quarters during the show. It has a painted particleboard base, acrylic tube and dome with metal components. Copper colored applications are applied for detail. Inside the tube is a mesh panel. A red light shines up through the tube from the base and a separate white light shines brightly from the dome. It is powered by a standard U.S.A 120Volts Type-A two pronged plug. (This was one of the first items identified in the Star Trek warehouse last year but we’ve held on to it until now simply because we all got quite attached to it – our little Robot!) Measures approx. 29 x 13 inches diameter.