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EBAY#: 140163086568 START: 2007-09-28 19:19:00 (week 42)
END: 2007-10-05 19:19:00
BIDS: 9PRICE: $228.49assumedsuccess
A costume featured in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock for wear by the bartender in the San Francisco bar where “Dr. McCoy” (DeForest Kelly) goes to buy passage to the Genesis planet. The costume is a white shirt with thick ribbed sleeve cuffs and a similar collar, a black bowtie is stitched onto the front of the shirt. A red vest is present wityh black vinyl accents and a sewn in Western Costume Co tag reading ‘Bartender'. A costumer’s tag is present reading ‘Eric Mansker as Bartender SFO Bar, sc. 78-83’ and indicates the existence of not-accompanying pants, shoes, and something else.

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