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EBAY#: 140163012158 START: 2007-09-28 16:28:00 (week 42)
END: 2007-10-05 16:28:00
BIDS: 14PRICE: $1530.99confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Fantastic item , well wrapped and boxed to the UK. Many thanks !!
A molded foam rubber prop statue of the famous human scientist who invented warp flight, “Zephram Cochrane”. The item is positioned on a soft foam rubber base colored to appear as marble and the statue itself is painted to appear as though it is made from bronze and ages to appear realistic. The likeness matches that of acclaimed Academy Award winning actor James Cromwell following his performance in Star Trek VIII: First Contact. An item like this appeared on the desk shelving of “Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula) in multiple episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. The item depict the inventor in his costume from Star Trek VIII holding rolled design schematics in his left hand, while pointing ahead of himself with his first and middle fingers reminiscent of the gesture used by “Captain Picard” (Patrick Stewart). The item measures approx. 15.5 X 12 X 7.75, the base of the item measures approx. 7.75 inches diameter. Due to the construction elements the item does not stand freely without leaning and is believed to be a stunt version of the item. “Captain Archer” used one to overwhelm a Xindi-Reptillian intruder in one alternate reality depicted in the episode “Twilight”.

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