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A piece of set dressing featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Cold Station 12”; wherein “Soong's” (Brent Spiner) Augments take over a joint Starfleet/Denobulan research facility that that houses 1,800 Augment embryos and numerous deadly pathogens. This item is one of the scanning devices used in the command center of Cold Station 12; it is a silver-colored, resin cast, rounded console featuring a wide base, a glass sample tray, an instrument panel on the front with two large banks of buttons and several single ones. A viewport in the general shape of a pair of goggles to analyze the specimen, a recessed section with a piece of smoked acrylic placed on top of it, a Starfleet inventory sticker directly opposite the sloping rear portion that features another piece of smoked acrylic on the back. The item measures approx. 27 X 21 X 57 inches.