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A lot of costumes featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. The first is a stunt arid climate costume appearing in the episode “The Breach” for wear by Shawn Crowder’. The costume is tan colored uniform trousers with multiple zippered pockets and a black belt, a tan uniform shirt with a zip front, an “Enterprise NX-01” assignment patch on the left sleeve, and a pair of rock climbing shoes; the second costume is a shore leave costume featured in the episode “Two Days and Two Nights” for wear by Connor Trinneer composed of gray trousers and a beige sport jacket. Another pair of shirts, a cream colored button front dress shirt with unique rounded corner square buttons, with a second beige colored button front long sleeved shirt that has a faux pocket on the left breast are present in this lot. This second costume shirt is believed to be the ‘maternity’ shirt featured in the episode “Unexpected”. The jacket, trousers, and the faux pocket shirt feature sewn in tags inscribed ‘Connor Trinneer’, the stunt uniform features sewn in tags reading ‘Shawn Crowder’.