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EBAY#: 140164423828 START: 2007-10-02 15:58:09 (week 42)
END: 2007-10-12 15:58:09
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The M.A.C.O – Military Assault Command Operations - are an elite Terran military command from Star Trek: Enterprise. They were assigned to the Enterprise NX-01 under the command of “Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula) at the end of season 2 to assist in military functions. This incredible hero prop M.A.C.O. phase rifle was featured in episodes such as, “North Star” where it was shown being handled by “MACO Private S. Money” (Dorenda Moore) and “The Xindi” where it was shown being handled by “MACO Corporal R. Ryan”. The rifle is made of resin painted black and dirty gray to appear used. It has two handles and an arm steadier on the back. A switch on the side activates the raising and stowing of an impressive metal faux scope on the top. Two rings on the top are there for a strap (not available) to attach. Due to time and use the rifle is slightly tacky to the touch. Measures approx. 24 ½ x 7 ¼ x 2 ¼ inches. Please note this is the ONLY hero M.A.C.O. rifle we have ever located and it was a chance find – it’s truly a must have item for any serious Star Trek prop collection.


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