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EBAY#: 140165449548 START: 2007-10-05 17:04:00 (week 43)
END: 2007-10-12 17:04:00
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A costume lot similar to that worn in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Lifeline”; wherein “The Doctor” (Robert Picardo) is sent to the Alpha Quadrant via the MIDAS array, to treat his creator, “Lewis Zimmerman”, also played by Robert Picardo. This costume lot consists of a long-sleeved, full-length tan-colored robe with pockets in the doctor’s smock style, a Voyager/DS9-style Starfleet uniform consisting of a loose, black jumpsuit with the Operations Gold division colors along the shoulders, hoops at the waist for tools, a Velcro patch for a commbadge (not included), stirrups for the feet, and a blue-gray, long-sleeved undershirt with no rank placement of any kind. A sewn in tag on the robe reads ‘Voyager, J. R. Quinonez” as the photo dbl for “Dr. Zimmerman” and the uniform sewn in tag denotes wear by another veteran Trek stand-in and stuntman, “Steve Blalock”.