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A lot of two costumes featured in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Suspicions”; wherein “Dr.Crusher” (Gates McFadden) violates her medical ethics and Starfleet itself to find the truth behind the death of a brilliant Ferengi scientist named “Reyga” (Peter Slutsker). This lot consists of the costume for wear by John S. Ragin in the role of the suspected saboteur and murderer of “Reyga”, “Dr. Christopher”, and consists of an iridescent purple dickie with minor fading due to time and storage, a long-sleeved, wrap-around jacket featuring a pattern of blue and brown diamonds, unattached Vulcan iconographic symbols that originally went down the front. A square motif of the same color scheme along the shoulders around the waist, cuffs of the same purple iridescent as the dickie, and overall-style trousers of the same corresponding design as the jacket. This costume was obviously reused because a sewn in tag that is too new to have been original reads ‘Bryan Todd’ whereas the costumer’s tag reads ‘248 TNG Suspicions, Christopher (Vulcan), John Ragin’. The second costume is for wear by James Horan in the role of the person who actually committed the crimes that “Dr. Christopher” was accused of, a Takaran doctor that set up an elaborate ruse to steal the new technology, “Jo’Bril”; it is a full-length, long-sleeved, tan “gown” or tunic featuring a textured “knobby” appearance, a blue/tan tabard-like garment with a pattern of raised rectangles in various sizes, a cross-shaped belt in a cat’s eye design that snaps on the front and back, and gray/olive-colored overall-style trousers with stirrups for the feet. A sewn in tag reads ‘Star Trek; TNG, Mr. J. Horan’ and the costumer’s tag reads ‘248 TNG Suspicions, Jo’Bril, James Horan’.