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EBAY#: 140235551198 START: 2008-05-24 18:40:00 (week 76)
END: 2008-05-31 18:40:00
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A costume similar to those featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. This costume is an Earth Starfleet Admiral’s uniform consisting of a set of dark blue trousers and a matching uniform jacket with a white button front dress blouse. The blouse is from ‘Nordstrom’, the jacket features a sewn in ‘MUTO Little, Los Angeles’ tag with a sewn on Enterprise tag inscribed ‘Nancy Avila’ and is zip front, with a pair of metal pin backed badges indicating the wearer to be a ‘commodore’ and a Velcro placement for an accompanying universal translator prop. The jacket also features red division stripes around the shoulders with reflective silver piping and similar embellishments at the sleeve cuffs. The costume comes with extra silver cuff bands. The universal translator is plastic painted metallic silver with a pair of faux rubber buttons and a pair of graphical applications at both ends. A sewn in Enterprise tag reads ‘Nancy Avila’ and is believed to be one of the admirals that attending the founding ceremony of the Coalition of Planets in “These are the Voyages…”; also included is a costumer’s tag that reads ‘Enterprise, SF Admiral, Nancy Avila’.