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EBAY#: 140165506882 START: 2007-10-05 18:45:00 (week 43)
END: 2007-10-12 18:45:00
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A costume featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Judgment”; wherein “Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula) is charged as being an enemy of the Klingon Empire for helping “rebels” escape custody. This costume is for wear by veteran Trek actor J.G. Hertzler in the role of the Klingon advocate assigned to defend “Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula), “Kolos”, it consists of short-sleeve, mid-riff undershirt sewn onto a “chainmail” dickie, a long-sleeved, dark-green, chenille jacket featuring a textured stripe pattern and brown, faux-fur sleeves, a diagonal stripe of lighter brown faux-suede wrapping around the sleeve with red trim itself; acrylic “button” and coiled, gold-colored metal accents near the cuffs. A short-sleeved, full-length, dark-brown/olive-colored wool robe with faux-suede detail down the lapel; a wide, brown leather belt/harness featuring different colors and styles of coiled leather and itself wrapped in differing styles and colors leather cord; a gold-colored buckle accent on the harness and stray cord at the waist that hangs free. This actor is better known for his portrayal of the Klingon General or became High Chancellor, “Martok”. A sewn in tag reads ‘Enterprise, J.G. Hertzler #45’ and the costumer’s tag reads ‘Enterprise #045 Judgment, Kolos, J.G. Hertzler’.