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EBAY#: 140165506925 START: 2007-10-05 19:01:00 (week 43)
END: 2007-10-12 19:01:00
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An actual piece of the “Enterprise NX-01” bridge set appearing most prominently in the Star Trek: Enterprise finale episode “These are the Voyages…” at which “Commander Riker” (Jonathan Frakes) sat during his holodeck scenario. The lot is a large console housing made from wood painted to appear as metal with multiple backlit acrylic interfaces attached to suggest hardware. The sections in question are listed on the reverse as ‘Star Mid 3’ and ‘Star Upper 3’, painted in black and white, a Starfleet inventory application indicates the mid bay as being ‘Avionics Bay 93-484’. The upper bay is meant to be affixed to the mid section to create an overhang and has two power cables attached to lights in the reverse for backlighting a set of multi-colored gauges, and a centrally located cavity with a hand lever internally mounted is present. The mid section is adorned with a ball mount for a jointed arm to attach an accompanying working computer monitor or distressed to appear ‘destroyed’ one. The monitor is missing a standard power cable and data cable. The mid section also features a series of backlit gauges and display lights. The bank of statically placed data modules lights up when plugged in and is missing two of its module grasps. The items are powered by standard American 120 volt electricity on several Type B three prong plugs accepted by an accompanying multi-plug power strip. The upper section measures approx. 45 X 21.25 X 22.5 while the mid section measures approx. 24 X 44.75 X 13.5 inches.