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A costume featured in Star Trek “The Final Frontier”, the fifth feature film. This costume is a stunt version of the one that “Sybok” (Larry Luckinbill) wears in the feature; it consists of a long-sleeved, full-length, white, linen robe featuring a wide, brown stripe around the collar and down the front accented with adhered, dark-gray rubber Vulcan iconographic symbols and matching light-brown trousers. Included is a matching, sleeveless tunic with white, vinyl accents on the shoulders, a series of adhered stones in a pattern on the chest, most of which are still present, and corresponding light-brown trousers. The trim at the bottom of the tunic is made to appear distressed in that it is purposefully thrashed. Two costumer’s tags read ‘Star Trek V, Dave Ellis, Stunt Sybok’ and denote as either change 1 or 2.