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EBAY#: 140175050620 START: 2007-11-02 16:52:00 (week 47)
END: 2007-11-09 15:52:00
BIDS: 19PRICE: $6600.00confirmedsuccess
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The Botha were a reclusive species featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode, “Persistance of Vision” in which they caused the Voyager crew to experience elaborate hallucinations. This highly detailed Bothen ship model is made of formed plastic painted green with brown shading. It has alien script on each wing and on the front. It has electronic capabilities to light up small LED lights however the electronics are untested. Additional pieces that fit on the underside of the model are included. They were located in a bag in the wooden crate with the model. The model will be shipped in the crate it was housed in during production. Model measures approx. 34 x 28 x 8 inches.

Notes from someone


While this ship first appeared as a Bothan ship in "Persistence of Vision", it was modified for a later appearance (addition of pieces, change of colour etc) and received much more screentime as the Serosian vessel in "Revulsion". It was also briefly seen in "Unity" (stock footage from "Persistence of Vision" was used here).


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