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EBAY#: 140180514043 START: 2007-11-17 10:37:24 (week 49)
END: 2007-11-24 10:37:24
BIDS: 15PRICE: $225.78confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Still expensive S/H charges but much faster delivery! Very nice item! Thanks :)
A toolbox featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Terra Prime” during scenes in which “Commander Tucker” altered the weapons trajectory of the Verteron array on Mars. The item is a fully practical plastic tool box with a hinged lid, a pair of metal clasp seals, a swinging handle that folds into place in the lid for a more compact profile, and a removable interior section that allows for easy access to smaller tools. The item is externally distressed to appear used and ‘dirty’, an Orpheus Mining Colony application is adhered to the lid and has suffered from the removal of a strip of adhesive tape though the graphic is still plainly visible. Inside the tool kit is an array of differing knick-knacks presumed to be futuristic ‘tools’. A pair of unused circuit boards are present, a pair of prop components, one made to look intact, the other distressed to appear ‘blown’, a former specially developed glass encased light filament with an additional aluminum metal accent on the end, a six other blown light bulbs of a smaller variety, a molded rubber hand prop painted black and metallic silver, and four other interesting looking implements and tools. The case, when sealed shut measures approx. 20 X 11 X 11 inches, and the exterior is marked P-60 on several surfaces due to post production use, prior to the auction.