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EBAY#: 140183100289 START: 2007-11-24 18:30:00 (week 50)
END: 2007-12-01 18:30:00
BIDS: 15PRICE: $789.00assumedsuccess
A set of original and photocopied pieces of concept artwork created design illustrator John Eaves for and a scanned marker painting from the episode “The Visitor” of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The first sheet is the original artwork of “Jake Sisko’s” (Tony Todd) bayou home in the alternate future that takes place in the episode. The home is surrounded by swamp trees and while the home is finished in that it has been inked, the porch is missing, and blue thumbnail drawing is still visible. The next sheet is a photocopy of the same house but with the porch, after that is an oval frame rendering for the following sheet that is of the house in the frame. A photocopy of the house presented within the finished porch is next which includes thumbnail sketching. A painted copy of the house inside the frame is present employing deep browns and greens. Next, a series of depictions with the house in the distance: one of a smaller photocopy of the house for use inside the background on the next sheet. That is comprised of a photocopy of the house in great detail surrounded by the landscape of Louisiana as depicted by the artist with hundreds of trees draped in bayou vegetation, a small boat in the foreground corner, a gazebo in the back yard. Next, a framed shot of the same but painted with multiple hues of green and brown, with a beautiful cloud filled sky and sum beams followed by a smaller duplicate. Another series of sheets involves what may have been painted sketches for transition shots between scenes including and upshot of a tree with moss hanging from its branches, a bayou with a small boat in the foreground with a duplicate, a pair of shot with mountains in the background, another of fallen trees in the woods with a Starfleet officer standing, unpainted in the middle of the shot, all of which are in color, painted and marker colored. Following all of that is a series of prop concepts for the making of Jake’s book, in the episode titled ‘Anslem’, but suggested to be ‘From Sail to Starship’ in the drawings. One sheet is a colored work print of the book with a jacket design showing the silhouette of a sailing ship in front of a large moon on the horizon which is actually the saucer section of a Star Trek: The Original Series era starship. Another pair is an original with work print additions of a food replicator and an entrée dish in high detail. Following this is four pieces depicting three differing options for styluses for use by Jake in the episode, one is an original, two duplicates, and one smaller copy. One sheet of its own depicts in thumbnail sketching a possible platform for the “USS Defiant” engineering platform in the episode, another, differing finished version with inking, and then a set of six sketches with two differing Interphasic Compensators. A seventh sheet is all thumbnails of compensators, then an original sketch with inking of the ‘hypersprays’ used by Jake to poison himself at the top of the episode, and finally, two sheets with bag concepts. Beyond all of that is the scan artwork in the lot, a painting of the bayou created to represent the artwork of Jake’s wife “Korena” (Galyn Gorg). The item features a taped on inscription to the reverse that explains it best: ‘From “The Visitor” Painted by Jake’s Wife in the future – her name is on the stern –New Orleans House), Marker rendering by John Eaves – scanned into Adobe Photoshop 3.0 on Macintosh by Jim Vanover adding watercolor effect – (info) onto disk + printed on canvas’. Item measures approx. 36 X 56 inches.

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The "painting" was seen in the episode ("The Visitor").


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