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EBAY#: 140183100353 START: 2007-11-24 18:44:00 (week 50)
END: 2007-12-01 18:44:00
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Positive feedback Great panels, fast service, thanks very much!
STAR TREK: ENT “XINDI STE DRRESSING LOT” FROM “THE HATCHERY” A lot of set dressings featured variously throughout the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise but specifically in the episode “The Hatchery”; wherein the “Enterprise NX-01” finds an abandoned Xindi-Insectoid ship with a hatchery of unhatched eggs that “Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula) becomes alarmingly protective of. This lot of set items consists of five small, gray, poster board signs with red and white Xindi iconographic script on them, an elongated, black, foam-core, trapezoidal shape featuring a silver-colored graphical application, dark-gray details, a row of five circular appliqués in either green or blue, with white Xindi iconographic figures in the middle and clear acrylic nodules; further circular shapes but with much more pronounced Xindi symbols and blinking green lights activated by a switch at the top and powered by three AA batters all located on the reverse. A triangular piece is made with the same black foam core, a blue/gray-colored graphical application featuring further Xindi iconography with untested banks of lights along a multi-colored “tentacle” that extends out from it. The backside consists of the wiring for the lights with three wires leading out from it and also has residue on the surface from use in the episode “The Hatchery”. The last piece is a long, rectangular of the same black foam core and silver-colored graphical application featuring an impressive central black graphic with a green grid, numerous Xindi symbols of various sizes, and a clear acrylic nodule in the middle; in addition, there are further Xindi symbols with four smaller circular objects radiating out from them all with similar nodules as well. The items measures approx. 7 X 7.5, 17 X 17, 21 X 11, and 30 X 10 all with a negligible height.