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A costume featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Judgment”; wherein “Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula) is brought up before a Klingon tribunal for helping some other Klingons escape. This costume is for wear by veteran Trek extra and stand-in Dieter Hornemann in the role of one of the prisoners present when “Captain Archer” is brought into Rura Penthe; overall-style, textured, brown leggings with raised stripes down the front, stirrups for the feet, a long-sleeved, patch-work jacket sewn together with leather cord and featuring, matted, dark-brown, faux fur on the shoulders and partially down the sleeves, closes via a long Velcro strip, one clasp, a couple buttons, and is distressed for effect. Also included is a belt/harness also of a patchwork design but made of several different fabrics and textures of suede, with fringed accents, and buttons to connect it. A sewn in tag reads ‘Enterprise, Dieter Hornemann’ and the costumer’s tag denotes wear by the same as well as two other actors.