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EBAY#: 140183112073 START: 2007-11-24 19:06:00 (week 50)
END: 2007-12-01 19:06:00
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A lot of costumes and costume items featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise for wear by Linda Park in the role of the Communications Officer of the “Enterprise NX-01”, “Ensign Hoshi Sato”. This lot includes a standard 22nd century Earth Starfleet uniform consisting of a full-length, long-sleeved, blue jumpsuit with seven functional, zipped pockets, Sciences Blue division strip, zipper/Velcro cuff adjustment for the wrists and ankles, Enterprise patch on the left shoulder, and a single pip denoting the rank of “Ensign” (unattached but included). An a dark-gray, long-sleeved, early Enterprise-style away team jacket featuring a diamond-shaped quilted appearance, three functional pockets, Operations Red division strip, “Enterprise NX-01” patch on the left shoulder, and Velcro cuff adjustment. Also included is a pair of black, leather ankle boots worn by Linda Park’s stunt double during the scene in “Affliction” outside the Chinese restaurant where she and “Doctor Phlox” (John Billingsley) are attacked. The uniform and the away team jacket, despite its having the wrong division color, feature sewn in tags that identify them as for wear by Linda Park, a tag on the shoe box denotes them for wear by Diana Lee Inosanto, and costumer’s tags for the uniform and jacket state the same.