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IAW #6150


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eBay Listing

EBAY#: 140182219679 START: 2007-11-24 17:45:00 (week 50)
END: 2007-12-01 17:45:00
BIDS: 13PRICE: $381.76assumedsuccess
An enigmatic robe colored burnt orange with cropped sleeves and pockets believed to have been acquired for Nichelle Nichols during her career portraying “Uhura”. The robe features a sewn in size tag at the neck inscribed ‘L N’ and comes with a costumer’s tag reading ‘Nichelle Nichols’. The robe has a sewn on yellow backed Starfleet emblem patch on the left breast reminiscent of those appearing on Star Trek I: The Motion Picture uniforms. However, while those assignment patches are very round with black trim and a black star in the center, this one is oblong, comparatively, and has white trim and a white star. Speculation points to the possibility that the item is a robe for use in make-up and hair departments prior to filming, set wear for comfort, or an actual costume prepared for either Star Trek, Star Trek Phase II, or any of the Star Trek feature films. The lot also contains black body length tights with a costumer’s tag reading ‘Nichelle Nichols, not used’.