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A lot of two items from the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Initiations”; wherein “Commander Chakotay” finds a lone Kazon child (Aron Eisenberg) and becomes involved in the boys passage into adulthood. This lot consists of a pair of Kazon boots worn by Aron Eisenberg, “Nog” of DS9 fame, in the role of the Kazon child; brown leather boots featuring variously sized and textured pieces of suede, a buttoned strap, and metal buckles down the side. Also included is a blueprint schematic of the interior of the Kazon ritual chamber and another of crew quarters aboard “Voyager”. The boots are labeled for wear by Aron Eisenberg and the schematics both feature the show name, stage, production number, episode name, original date, set name, production and set designer, scale all on a panel in the lower right hand corner.