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EBAY#: 140188933383 START: 2007-12-10 19:12:00 (week 52)
END: 2007-12-17 19:12:00
BIDS: 22PRICE: $520.00assumedsuccess
A lot of furnishings featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise for use in the crew quarters of “T’Pol” (Jolene Blalock) on the “Enterprise NX-01”. The lot consists of a small wood table painted metallic silver with a silver colored metal surface adhered to the top, the item appeared as a low table on the floor of the set where T’Pol would perform neuropressure frequently with a candle atop it and it measures approx. 30.5 X 18 X 6.25 inches. Next are two silver colored benches that set next to one another against the wall under the pentagonal Vulcan sculpture (not available). The benches are silver colored and feature a gray vinyl cushion on top of each. The underside of the items retains inscriptions from their previous use in Star Trek: Voyager reading ‘STV’ and ‘Crew café Lounge’. The item measures approx. 26 X 16.5 X 32 inches. Finally, an ultra modern chest of drawers made from a wooden cabinet with a crescent shaped metal backing. The item has two drawers of a matching size that slide out and are not painted metallic silver like the rest of the piece. The chest of drawers measures approx. 13.5 X 37 X 32 inches.