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A pair of rank-division strips featured in Star Trek I: The Motion Picture for wear exclusively by Grace Lee Whitney in her role as “Janice Rand”. The items are red fabric on a black felt backing with silver colored metal square badges on one end of each denoting the wearer to be part of the engineering division and ranked as ‘chief petty officer’. The items are for wear on Class-B, C, and D costume uniforms, and appeared in the scene during which the transporter malfunctioned on the refit “Starship Enterprise”, when “Dr. McCoy” (DeForest Kelly) beamed aboard the ship, and during the ‘recreation deck’ scene in which the crew watches the destruction of the “Epsilon IX” station. These strips are in excellent condition and feature remaining threads possibly from removal. The items measure approx, 1 X 3.25 inches and represent the only available rank-division strips from Star Trek I: The Motion Picture with metal embellishments.