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EBAY#: 130185262825 START: 2007-12-24 18:56:00 (week 54)
END: 2008-01-03 18:56:00
BIDS: 19PRICE: $3750.00assumedsuccess
A Starfleet Class-A officer’s uniform configured to be the ‘night watch communications officer’ on the “USS Excelsior” from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country as portrayed by Christian Slater. The costume is a set of black uniform trousers, a long sleeved gray uniform shirt with ribbing at the cuffs and collar, and maroon uniform jacket. The trousers feature black elastic suspenders with remaining threads from removed division stripes on the outside seams, a zip on the front right side, and a sewn in Star Trek VII tag reading ‘Tom Kopache’. The uniform shirt is gray colored indicating the wearer to be a member of the operations division and features a sewn in Paramount tag on the inside of the spine zip at waist level inscribed ‘C. Slater’. The jacket has the high detail silver colored chain accents between the snaps on the front, the shirt, consequently features the same style of snaps as the waist line snaps on the jacket; a gray division strap is affixed to the back for over the shoulder, and while the inside lining of the jacket is black, the double breast lining is tan. The lot comes with these unattached items, a red rank placement for the left forearm sleeve, a pair of silver and gold colored metal wire backed badges indicating the wearer to be a ‘lieutenant’, a silver painted molded rubber security disk for the division strap, a pair of gray division stripes for the outside seams of the trousers, a pair of black belt loops for the outside front of the jacket (which is missing them), and a gold bordered gray division stripe for the left forearm sleeve with a gold colored metal commendation bar affixed to it. The belt loops feature a costumer’s tag reading ‘Class A belt buckles’. The sewn in Western Costume Co. tag in the jacket reads ‘Michael Snyder’ and the measurements are ‘Chest 34’ and ‘Sleeve 15.5’.

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