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EBAY#: 130188495536 START: 2008-01-08 18:37:00 (week 56)
END: 2008-01-15 18:37:00
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Positive feedback Great item from a trusted seller. Way to go IAW!!!
An off white colored costume featured in Star Trek I: The Motion Picture and other feature films. The costume is a asset of sickbay surgical scrubs made for a female wearer. The lot consists of a set of off-white trousers with attached shoes, a smock-style gown that seals up the spine by way of Velcro. These unattached items are part of the lot, a pair of green rank-division strips for the shoulders with gold thread triangle embellishments indicating the wearer to be a ‘petty officer’ that would have been featured in Star Trek I: The Motion Picture in addition to a green cadesus patch for the left breast to be worn in a configuration styled to that movie. Another set of green division strips are present that would have appeared in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as well as a white placement with affixed gold and silver colored metal badges indicating the wearer to be the rank of ‘lieutenant (junior grade)’, and a white trimmed green division strip for the left sleeve forearm. In the Star Trek II configuration the costume would also include a green ribbed collar undershirt, unfortunately, no further elements in that style are available which are not character related.