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EBAY#: 130185262965 START: 2007-12-24 19:50:00 (week 54)
END: 2008-01-03 19:50:00
BIDS: 18PRICE: $6800.00confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Outstanding memorabilia & exceptional customer service as always! A pleasure! A+
An excellent set piece featured in Star Trek VII: First Contact through Star Trek X: Nemesis. The item is a console featured in scenes taking place on the bridge and is believed to be either the tactical console manned by “Worf” (Michael Dorn) or the engineering console manned by “Geordi La Forge” (Levar Burton). The item is freestanding with holes in its base and pedestal for mounting to a floor or deck, the base and pedestal are sheet metal painted metallic bronze. The computer interface at the top is made from shaped wood painted to match with insets for console panels on the left and right. The panels are smoked acrylic with a graphical application adhered to the reverse that depicts multi-colored faux buttons and readouts when backlit by the interior light sources. The lights function on standard American electricity by way of a type-B three prong plug. The other control surface is clear acrylic with a black frame adhered and metallic gold adhesive accents meant to represent buttons. The item fastens to the console by way of Velcro placements and the clear openings in the surface reveal the cavity inside for the placement of non-present monitors that would display motion graphics. The external wood of the console features three metallic gold Starfleet inventory applications on the corners and one that is red, each presenting operating instructions and warnings. The item measures approx. 66 X 47 X 18 inches.