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EBAY#: 130188495767 START: 2008-01-08 19:29:00 (week 56)
END: 2008-01-15 19:29:00
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A costume featured in the sixth Star Trek feature film, “The Undiscovered Country”. This costume is for wear by Alan Marcus in the role of one of the Starfleet conspirators who beamed over to the disabled “Kronos One” and murdered “Chancellor Gorkon” (David Warner), “Crewman Samno”; it consists of a long-sleeved, full-length, red crewman’s uniform jumpsuit with tan shoulders, black collar and cuff ribbing, black stripes that follow up the sleeve, along the ribs and down the outside of the leg. A pocket on the right leg, hoops for a belt, a black vinyl belt with a silver-colored, Starfleet emblem belt buckle indicating the wearer to be a crewman, unattached, Operations Gold division strips for the shoulders in addition to a Command white intention flash on the wrist, an octagonal shaped, wire-backed, metal-colored badge on a red, fabric background denoting the enlisted rank of “Petty Officer First Class”, a Starfleet commendation bar, five year service pin, and two silver-colored, gold-trimmed metal pin-backed badges featuring the name “Samno”, and a pair of black “Puma” athletic shoes with red accents of the Starfleet insignia with wear from time and storage that make them rather fragile.