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STAR TREK: TNG “Q POST ATOMIC HORROR SOLDIER COSTUME” FROM “ENCOUNTER AT FARPOINT” A costume featured in the premiere episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Encounter at Farpoint”; wherein the crew of the “Enterprise-D” is challenged by “Q” (John DeLancie) to solve the mystery of Farpoint Station. This costume is for wear by John DeLancie as he emulates the appearance of one of the “Post Atomic Horror” soldiers present in his “court”, it is a heavy, reinforced, black vest featuring a silver-colored “chainmail” pattern, and several pockets on left side with Velcro closures that are made to look as if they are being used. A small, tan, octagonal accent on the right breast is the storage device for the “drug” that the soldiers were controlled with and features a graphical application of various colored “lights”, labeled with the word “Army” in the middle with several smaller numbers beneath, a small black, plastic dispenser for the “drug” on retractable cord and a large pocket across the back. Also included are arm, leg, and lower torso armor of the same design, matching gloves and a padded helmet that covers all but the front of the face. All items have minor wear due to time and storage, a costume tag that reads ‘’Q, 21st century, scenes 18-19’ and a second costume tag readsw merely "Q 21st cnetury".