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EBAY#: 140199518493 START: 2008-01-16 18:21:00 (week 57)
END: 2008-01-23 18:21:00
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A prop item featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Sanctuary”. The item is the holographic music box of “Varani” (William Schallert), a Bajoran musician, who gave the item to the head of the Skrreean delegation on “Deep Space Nine”. In the episode, the item produced a holographic recording of “Varani’s Concert at the Jalanda Forum”. In reality, the item is an octagonal prop made from cast resin, beveled for more dimension, with metallic gold adhesive detail lines around it, a molded floral design on each of the beveled sides. The item is colored green and features a black acrylic octagon inset on the top meant to be a ‘projector surface’. The item depicts only the barest of scratches due to storage time, and measures approx. 1.75 X 4 X 4 inches.


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