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A distressed Starfleet uniform featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes “Zero Hour” and “Storm Front, Part I” for wear by Scott Bakula in his portrayal of “Captain Archer” in perhaps his greatest character moment of the series. The item is a blue Starfleet uniform with command gold division stripes around the shoulders, with the famous “Enterprise NX-01” assignment patch sewn onto the left shoulder, corresponding rank, and a black button front long sleeved undershirt. The costume features all the regular accoutrements including zippered pockets and, size adjusting sleeve cuffs and ankles, and ‘away team’ gear loops sewn onto the right hip, but it is also distressed from Captain Archer’s battle with the Xindi-Reptilian, “Commander Dolim” (Scott McDonald) in the climax of “Zero Hour”. The costume is generally distressed to appear, ripped, torn, thrashed, ‘bloody’, and stained. Points of significance include a tear across the right shoulder where additional fabric was sewn in to fortify the location from further ripping, the tear is stained with special effects ‘blood’; the size adjusting cuff on the right sleeve is completely ripped out, a visible hole is present in the right knee, and most notably, three slashes are present across the back between the shoulder blades where Dolim scratched Archer in their battle. The scratched are stained with special effects ‘blood’ and the scratches go through the undershirt as well. The undershirt appears to have had a sewn in tag at one time but it has been removed, the uniform has a sewn in Enterprise size and number tag that is not marked, no other sewn in tags are present. A costumer’s tag reads ‘Archer, Scott Bakula, #, Starfleet Uniform, Distressed’ and to be completely clear costumer’s tags are not sewn in tags. The rank pins attached to the uniform were added in the exact spots where previous rank pins were attached as per visible holes and the current rank was located separately of the uniform, they are of the gold colored metal variety that is part of the Enterprise rank collection.