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EBAY#: 120211696063 START: 2008-01-16 18:51:00 (week 57)
END: 2008-01-23 18:51:00
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A distressed Starfleet uniform jumpsuit with sciences blue division stripes around the shoulders featured in multiple episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. The costume was originally intended for wear by Kellie Waymire in her portrayal of “Crewman Cutler” in episodes like “Strange New World”, “Dear Doctor”, and “Two Days and Two Nights”. The costume features the famous “Enterprise NX-01” assignment patch on the left shoulder, zippered pockets, Velcro and zipper size adjusting sleeve cuffs and ankles, and is generally distressed. Significant points of distress include tears in the right sleeve elbow, a left breast above where the division color comes to a point, on the right thigh pocket and the right breast pocket, and on the right shin pocket. The costume comes with a black long sleeved button front undershirt that features a sewn in Enterprise tag reading ‘Kellie Waymire’. The uniform features a sewn in Enterprise tag indicating wear by ‘Kellie Waymire’ and various actors. The costumer’s tag reads ‘Kelli Waymire’, ‘#072’ and ‘Distressed’. Finally, the costume comes with a previously sewn on ‘Crewman First Class’ rank patch for wear on the right breast above where the division color comes to a point. The patch appears as a white Starfleet emblem encircled with three white flairs on the left side. The rank was located separately from the costume.