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EBAY#: 140235551213 START: 2008-05-24 18:48:00 (week 76)
END: 2008-05-31 18:48:00
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Positive feedback Friendly and accomodating service, beautiful costume as described. Thanks!!
A set of beautiful female Vulcan robes featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Kir‘Shara” for wear by Kara Zediker in her role as “T’Pau” following her ascension to being a minister in the new Vulcan government. The costume is composed of a full length long sleeved dress and an elaborate robe. The dress is purple texture thistle patterned fabric and is made with an asymmetrical front to appear double-breasted and features static buttons at the top right, though a zip runs up the spine, there are buttons at the cuffs, ; a slit runs vertically within the pleated folds of the dress on the right side seam under the buttons, there is no indication of damage or purpose. The robe features a green iridescent interior lining with a with a purple and rust colored floral pattern exterior, has kimono style sleeves with weights in the bottom of the cuffs, and is adorned with large sized pin backed Vulcan jewelry made from gold colored metal with amber colored ‘gems’ set into them shaped into familiar Vulcan iconographic symbols. The symbols in their configuration are represented in one resource as (from top to bottom) ‘concept, discipline, process’; their Vulcan terms being ‘rata tafar tapan’. Also, it is stated that a poetic form may be associated to their joining ‘Branches entwined form the tree’. Additionally the costume comes with a wide iridescent purple belt that features gold, black, and rust colored trim. The dress features a sewn in Enterprise tag reading ‘Kara Zediker’, the robe features a sewn in Enterprise tag reading ‘Kara Zediker 084’ and the belt features a sewn in Enterprise tag reading ‘Fionnula Flannagan #023, Kara Zediker #084, C. Front’. The costumer’s tag is nearly identical to the tag in the belt but indicates ‘Enterprise, Vulcan’. Star Trek veteran actress Fionnula Flanagan portrayed the Vulcan “V’Lar” in the first season Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Fallen Hero”.