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EBAY#: 130190796659 START: 2008-01-16 19:27:00 (week 57)
END: 2008-01-23 19:27:00
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A prop item similar to those featured throughout Star Trek: Enterprise. This item is a PADD (Personal Access Display Device); it is silver/gray resin featuring two rubber faux buttons on the lower right hand corner, a small, Starfleet inventory sticker on the other side, a blue plastic “bead” at the top, and another inventory sticker on the back. The front side of the device is dominated by a rectangular viewing screen featuring a graphical application of a medical scan with the image of a skeleton, the words “Patient Scan”, several columns of numbers, and three “buttons” on the lower left. A silver-colored switch on the upper left hand corner activates an internal light source powered by either four AAA batteries inserted on the reverse or a 6-volt DC power supply. The item measures approx. 7.5 X 4.5 inches.