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EBAY#: 120211696440 START: 2008-01-16 19:33:00 (week 57)
END: 2008-01-23 19:33:00
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A prop item featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Borderland”; wherein the “Enterprise NX-01” needs the help of the renegade geneticist, “Arik Soong” (Brent Spiner), to prevent a war with the Klingons being precipitated by the augmented humans “Soong” raised. This item is a PADD (Personal Access Display Device), and is solid cast resin with an elongated octagonal shape, painted black with metallic silver and gold inset that highlight painted accents and a round central ‘display screen' with a reflective graphic depicting ‘Orion’ character letters meant to exhibit selections and prices at a slave auction during scenes in the episode. The item measures approx. 7.25 X 5 X .5 inches.