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A lot of four scripts from second season episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. The first script is for “Cogenitor", where the “Enterprise NX-01” encounters a race called the Vissians which have a third gender separated as second class citizens. The second script is for “Marauders”, wherein a group of deuterium miners is frequently accosted by a group of Klingon raiders until the “Enterprise” crew shows up and helps them find a way to fight back. The third script is for “Bounty”, wherein “Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula) is kidnapped by a Tellarite who intends to collect the bounty that the Klingons have put on him. The last script is for the episode that opened up the season long story arc about the Xindi and the Delphic Expanse, titled simply “The Expanse”; wherein the Earth sustains a devastating attack and the “Enterprise NX-01” is sent into a mysterious and dangerous “Delphic Expanse” to find out about the species that sent it. All items are final drafts and feature the airdate of the episode.