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EBAY#: 130193294132 START: 2008-01-25 18:38:00 (week 59)
END: 2008-02-01 18:38:00
BIDS: 13PRICE: $709.00assumedsuccess
A Starfleet engineer’s white radiological suit retaining to some degree its configuration for Star Trek I: The Motion Picture. The costume is a full length white jumpsuit with ribbing at the waist and elbows, and features an attached pair of silver colored metal ‘U’ shaped accents at the waist that would be rigging loops in the following Star Trek feature films. The costume also features a copper colored foil center chest accent that is affixed, but has lost the protruding element. Groupings of threads remain as evidence of removed items. The costume features these unattached elements for a depiction of Star Trek I: a pair of white gloves, a pair of red engineering division-rank strips for the shoulders with triangular gold thread accents indicating the wearer to be a ‘petty officer’. The costume also comes with these unattached elements to better complete it for further feature use: a black foam rubber collar to which some of the adhered ribbing aspects have begun to loosen (not pictured) , a pair of white gloves with black tubing ‘thermal’ accents, a pair of thickly black soled boots, a pair of yellow engineering division strips for the shoulders, a white bordered yellow division strip for the left forearm sleeve with a pair of silver colored metal ‘5 year service’ pins and a matching commendation bar, a white placement with an attached silver and gold colored metal ‘ensign’ rank badge, a metallic silver pin backed name badge with ‘STRAN’ etched into it, a silver colored reflective waist accent, a pair of black tubed thigh ‘thermal’ accents, and a similar one for the left shoulder. The costume also comes with a costumer’s tag reading ‘MacKing’.