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EBAY#: 140202129570 START: 2008-01-25 20:08:00 (week 59)
END: 2008-02-01 20:08:00
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A piece of set dressing similar to those featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes “Horizon” and “Terra Prime”. Made in a style by which it would exist by ‘human' standards, it also could be used in civilian and Non-Starfleet settings. This board is high density foam core with a graphical application on top and is divided into three major areas’ the first area is labeled “Payload LMS” and “LS MEMSYS”, is dominated by two larger backlit acrylic panels and one smaller one with graphical applications applied to the reverse featuring data concerning “Propulsion Systems” in addition to several banks of faux buttons and a round hole just under the smaller screen. The second area runs along the top of the right half of the console and features four smaller backlit acrylic panels with similar graphical applications applied to the reverse all four coupled with a bank of two rubber faux buttons and with labels like “NAV-291” and “F2 CNTRL” beneath them. The last portion is beneath the bank of smaller screens and features two large banks of rubber, faux buttons with labels under them like “NAV SUBSYSYS” and “AUX PWR”. The item measures approx. 67 X 17 inches

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