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EBAY#: 140202129297 START: 2008-01-25 18:56:00 (week 59)
END: 2008-02-01 18:56:00
BIDS: 11PRICE: $942.96assumedsuccess
A Vulcan maiden costume lot featured in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. The costume is a two piece gown, a form fitting flesh tone under suit with a gauzy off white gown for wear over. The sewn in Paramount tag on the costume reads ‘Rebecca Saladay’. The lot also includes gold colored metal jewelry with oversized inset ‘gems’. The necklace is comprised of eight pieces, much of the pieces have separated from one another, minor repair work constituting wire looping will restore the item, the large triangular ‘gem’ needs to be glued back into its inset. The bracelet is in excellent condition and padding on the underside is inscribed ‘Rebecca’, a chain for the wrist and for the two middle fingers of the hand are present at the fore, a strap with chain is present for the forearm. A slight blue stain is visible across the snap seal on the gown between the shoulder blades, but the item is in otherwise excellent condition. At the last minute, added to the costume are the original thin strapped ‘Maserati’ name brand open toed shoes located with a costumer’s tag reading ‘Vulcan Maiden, Rebecca Soladay’ (not pictured).

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