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EBAY#: 130193294276 START: 2008-01-25 19:26:00 (week 59)
END: 2008-02-01 19:26:00
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A set of two console interface panels featured in Star Trek VIII: First Contact on the bridge set of the “U.S.S. Enterprise-E”. The items are smoked acrylic panels with translucent graphics applied to the reverse which are visible when the items are back lit, and feature metallic gold adhesive details applied to the front. Both items feature metallic gold adhesive lettering applied to the front reading ‘ENGINEERING’. The larger item depicts when back lit a variety of multi-colored LCARS (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System) indicators with numeric values, and two clear openings for unaccompanying monitor based displays measuring approx. 16.5 X 12 on the left and approx. 7 X 6.25 on the right. The item features screw holes for wall mounting, the sides are not right angles, this item measures approx. 49.5 X 26.75 inches at its wide bottom, the top measures approx. 47.25 inches. The second, smaller item is fashioned almost identically, when backlit it depicts multi-colored LCARS style readouts, a graphic across its tip half of green and blue positions, and a graphic of the warp core, and a cut away of what is believed to be a warp nacelle. The item also has screw holes for wall mounting, does have right angled sides, and measures approx. 17 X 54 inches.